EPS: The Elgaard Positioning System

version 0.9 (java 1.1/java 2)

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Changes in EPS 0.9

A lot of new GUI features, primarily by Hongtao Yan

Changes in EPS 0.8.3

Support for DgpsIP. See See dgps-ip for more info Remember to set the interface to RTCM/NMEA (Or RTCM/NONE, 4800 baud if you dont need NMEA).

New UI for Commapi.

A few Bugfixes: A y2k problem. EPS now works again in new versions of Netscape.

New File Names in EPS 0.8

EPS is now started as "java EPS" or loaded from "netscape.html" or "browser.html". See Running EPS


EPS is written in Java. It requires at least Java 1.1. It runs on: For communication with the Garmin GPS unit the requirements are:


Download from SourceForge EPS page

The system is FREE (GNU public licence).
Left Mouse Button: Show Position.

Middle Mouse Button: Set track log position.

Right Mouse Button: Start new track.

Arrow keys and scrollbar: Pan chart.



Try running EPS over the net

Communication with the GPS unit and file saving does not work over the net.

Niels Elgaard Larsen

email: elgaard@diku.dk